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From distant cities to quiet natural beauty, Journey is a collection of photographs from around the globe inspiring wanderlust in us all.



Savor The Moment

Pursuing the globe for sensory experiences and for what she regards as the very essence of life, KT has captured the transcendent beauty of everyday moments, places and views.

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The Equus Collection

Revere Nature

From polo ponies to ranch horses to wild mustangs, KT Merry seeks to capture the beauty and power of horses.

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We believe everyone deserves
to delight in the world’s wonder.

Through unique fine art prints, we seek to adorn your walls with an inspiring and lasting approach to transportive imagery as a daily source for your wanderlust. That’s why our photographic prints are handcrafted with the finest materials and made to last for generations to come.

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From the islands of the Maldives, to the Serengeti bush, to the rolling hills of the Irish countryside, create your sanctuary of wanderlust and inspiration by category.

Just Add Water

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Cold Exposure

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Free Rein

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